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Independent Living Groups

Suffolk Independent Living facilitates Independent Living Groups at the above locations across the county of Suffolk.


These groups are primarily designed to provide an informal, peer-to-peer source of advice and support to anyone with a disability or those caring and supporting someone with a disability. Meetings are usually held once every three months - everyone is welcome and refreshments are provided!


Your local Independent Living Group provides:

•   More information on Direct Payments and Personal Budgets

•   The Opportunity to informally meet with other direct payment users and share your experiences

•   A chance to talk about disability issues

•   Guest speakers from related organisations

•   Opportunities to influence the County Council on future policies


Every meeting is attended by one or more Independent Living Advisers who will be available to answer your questions.


Further information on the next meetings will be posted here soon.


We are in the process of re-organising the Independent Living Groups, and we need your contributions. We are particularly interested in locating new, more accessible venues and discovering ways to raise awareness of the groups. They are provided as a forum for the service users and we want you to be in control of where they go next, so please contact us with your ideas!

Click on the ILG nearest to you...

Bury St. Edmunds 


Lowestoft ILG

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